JobPin, an android mobile app, simplifies digital profiling, skilling, and hiring of the young and ambitious mega workforce in India.

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Create your Resume in 5 minutes

Your smartphone is your best friend to build a visual online Resume.

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Let the jobs find you

Search for your dream job and simply click Apply to send your Resume to top companies. The more detailed your Resume is, the better job options you will find.

No more asking friends and agents for getting a job!

Learn to earn and enjoy work

Spend less than 3 min on each video training on the app to learn more about your job and role.

View list of relevant training institutes matching your skill interest and get in touch with them with one click.

Higher the skills, better the chances of finding your dream job.

Posting jobs was never so easy

Post jobs with interview dates and locations using our pre-defined templates in minutes from anywhere. Connect with the candidates directly and start receiving relevant candidate profiles in your inbox instantly!

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Set rules to receive relevant applications

Define the pre-requisites for the job such as skills, training / assessment completion, documentation or any other critical parameter. Receive relevant applications and save time shortlisting candidates.

Promote your Training Centre

Present your curriculum and training centre details to job aspirants and students seeking relevant skills. Start receiving enquiries immediately.

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